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Our experienced mediators and arbitrators specialize in prompt, professional case resolution.

Leaders in Dispute Resolution

Mediation Masters is a leader in alternative dispute resolution owned and operated by Thomas HR Denver and Charles F. Hawkins. It features modern and attractive facilities, comfortable conference rooms, ample parking and easy freeway access. Mr. Denver is a former managing partner of Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Inc., has extensive experience in all aspects of civil litigation and as a special master/discovery referee in Federal and State courts. Mr. Hawkins has a been a respected plaintiff’s personal injury attorney for four and a half decades with experience in all types of personal injury matters ranging from vehicular situations and products liability matters to medical negligence and construction defects litigation.

Experienced and Effective Practice

Tom and Charlie have been friends for over thirty years and individually they have each gained wide ranging experience in alternative dispute resolution. They formed Mediation Masters in 2000 and have devoted their practices to helping attorneys and litigants resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration. Both Charlie and Tom have outstanding reputations for effectiveness, experience and integrity and have each handled thousands of ADR proceedings. Stated simply, they get cases resolved.

Friendly Support Staff

Mediation Masters is ably supported by Marsha Novack and Michele Pogue, two highly competent administrative assistants who handle all the practical aspects of the business in a friendly and thoroughly professional manner.

State of the Art Facilities

Mediation Masters features modern and attractive facilities, comfortable conference rooms, ample parking and easy freeway access.

We offer:

  • Convenient downtown San Jose location
  • Comfortable conference rooms
  • Video capability
  • Telephone conferencing

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Highest Quality Mediation Services Made Simple

When Charlie and Tom decided to form Mediation Masters, their goal was to provide the highest quality professional services without layering additional levels of complexity, time and expense on already busy attorneys. Both Tom and Charlie had been in trial practice for many decades before becoming full time mediators and they understand how to provide the best quality mediation services in a simple, straight forward and effective format.

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