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Outstanding Reputations

Mediation Masters is a leader in alternative dispute resolution. Since 2000 they have devoted their practices to helping attorneys and litigants resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration. Our mediators have outstanding reputations for effectiveness, experience and integrity and have each handled thousands of ADR proceedings. Stated simply, they get cases resolved!

Professional & Straightforward

Our mediators provide the highest quality professional services without layering additional levels of complexity, time and expense on already busy attorneys. Both Tom and Charlie had been in trial practice for many decades before becoming full time mediators and they understand how to provide the best quality ADR services in a simple, straight forward and effective format.

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We can help you get the best quality ADR services in a simple, straight forward and effective format.

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We know the Courts.

In arbitrations and special master/discovery referee settings, we make decisions and make them promptly.

We resolve a high percentage of cases, most often in a day or less.

We get cases resolved!

Substantial repeat business.

We have been providing ADR services since 2000.

Mediation, Arbitration, and ADR Services
Offering professional mediation, arbitration, special master, and discovery referee services.

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